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Debbie West Coon

Deborah West Coon was born in Mesa, Arizona, September 21st, 1962, to Corwin Samuel West and Johna May Nielson, the fifth of ten children to bless their home. Being a musical family with so many children, they often had three or four different songs going on at the same time around the home.

Debbie sang her first solo when she was seven and has been singing ever since. Her father, her biggest fan, encouraged her by taking her with him to choir practice where she was the only child present. His praise built her confidence so that she was never afraid to sing. He told her that she was born to sing and that singing was her special gift from the Lord and a heritage to her family.

While she was still quite young, Debbie’s aunts, Mildred West Wiseman and Wanda West Palmer, wrote songs and plays and did fireside programs and gave her opportunities to perform for them.

In 1979 Debbie’s family moved to Utah where she joined Jim and Jann Wyler’s performing group, The New Horizons. They toured and performed in Western United States, sang for the mayor of Salt Lake City Utah, entertained for the Miss Utah Pageant, and performed at universities, football games, Disneyland, and many schools clubs and churches.

Debbie returned to Arizona in 1981 to attend and graduate from Cosmetology School. She joined the Arizona Mormon Choir and sang with the Wiseman singers, along with being a featured vocalist on Mildred West Wiseman’s Holy Child album.

On the 30th of April 1983, Debbie married her High School sweetheart, Ron Coon. They live in Gilbert and have five children: Daniel, Spencer, Jonathan and Kristy (twins), and Tiffany. Debbie feels blessed to be a stay-at-home mom. Pleased to be a member of American Mothers of Arizona, she says, “As mothers together I know we can make a difference in our communities.”

Debbie is often found singing for church, weddings, funerals, community events and benefit concerts, speaking and singing for firesides, singing with little children, and having fun with family and friends. She loves animals and especially riding and caring for horses.

Debbie’s vocal training includes coaching from John Merwin, Mildred West Wiseman Packard, Jim Wyler, Dal Albretsen, Richard Talbot, Deborah Bonner and Seth Riggs.

In 2002 Debbie sang in Jerusalem on live television with Lex De Azevedo’s Hosanna Choirs. While in Israel she had many opportunities to sing solos in places such as the Domed St. Anne’s Cathedral near the pool of Bethesda and on a large barge crossing the sea of Galilee.

In 2005 she performed for Gwen Nichols and Mildred West Wiseman in their concert presentation of Someone Is Waiting, about Adoption, A Loving Option, and is a featured soloist on the Someone Is Waiting album.

In 2006 Debbie completed her dream project: an album of favorite songs of Christ, Come And Never Leave, arranged by Randy Kartchner, produced by Richard Talbot and mixed by Barry Gibbons. Come And Never Leave describes the message she hopes to share with every note you will hear in her beautiful arrangements. Debbie considers herself to be an ordinary woman with extraordinary opportunities and a great desire to testify through music what she knows at the very core of her being: that Christ lives and loves us and wants us to be His. As she expresses it, “For as long as I am able, I will continue to use my music to deliver the invitation to ‘Come and Never Leave’ and know ‘You Are Loved.’ ”

Debbie West Coon’s new release, You Are Loved, swells with songs of affirmation, validation and rich musical luxury. Positive, contemporary and inspirational in every way, this album will lift and capture you from beginning to end. Recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and a star-studded vocal cast, this new album brings home to every heart the message of the title track, You Are Loved.

Well crafted and masterfully arranged by Sam Cardon and produced by Richard Talbot, this album includes guest vocalists Justin Williams, George Dyer, Freddie Ashby and Richard Talbot.

When asked why she recorded You Are Loved, Debbie replied, “With so much turmoil going on in the world, I had a strong desire to share the message that you are loved and to never give up when life seems too hard. Even in the most challenging times in my life, I have never been alone. I have known that Heavenly Father knows me very well and has always loved me, no matter what. I know He loves all of us and wants us to ask Him for help.
“As you listen, may these songs encourage you to look for ways to share the gift of love with others, because everyone needs to be loved.”

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