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Come And Never Leave

Come & Never Leave AlbumSong List (Click to listen)






  1. Window to His Love  4:53 
  2. O That I Were An Angel  4:53 
  3. Holy Child  3:33 
  4. On My Knees  3:45 
  5. Oh Lord, My Redeemer ~ Duet with Richard Talbot 5:18 
  6. Mary’s Lullaby  4:52 
  7. Face to Face  5:27 
  8. I’ll Find You, My Friend  3:41 
  9. I Heard Him Come  5:05 
  10. May I Serve Thee  5:00 


Inspirational Songs of Christ


Debbie’s first CD, Come And Never Leave, is a hit with inspirational favorites such as “Mary’s Lullaby,” “I’ll Find You, My Friend,” “On My Knees,” “Holy Child,”and her duet, “Oh Lord, My Redeemer.” Debbie is the niece of gifted song artist sisters, Wanda West Palmer and Mildred West Wiseman Packard.

Come And Never Leave describes the message she hopes to share with every note you hear in her beautiful arrangements. Debbie considers herself to be an ordinary woman with extraordinary opportunities and a great desire to testify through music what she knows at the very core of her being: that Christ lives and loves us and wants us to be His. As she expresses it, “For as long as I am able, I will continue to use my music to deliver the invitation to ‘Come and Never Leave’ and know ‘You Are Loved. ’”

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Special Thanks


With deep appreciation and great love, thank you, Ron, for making this album possible, for being there for me every step of the way, and for believing in me. You’ve made my dreams come true again. You are my best friend and true love always and forever!

Thank you, my five children – Danny, Spencer, Jonathan, Kristy, and Tiffany – for your patience and sacrifice as I spent time recording and working on this album. You are a blessing beyond measure to me and I love you dearly.

I thank my parents, Corwin and Johna May West, for singing to me and teaching me to love music. You made me believe at a very young age that I could sing. I am eternally grateful to you for being wonderful parents who are always there for me.

Thanks to all my family and friends who have listened to me and inspired and encouraged me to keep on singing.

Aunt Milli, you have been my rock. The Lord has blessed me with you. Thank you for teaching me so much and taking me under your wing so many times. You are as beautiful as your songs. Thank you for inviting me to Israel, too. I’ll never be the same.

Thanks to all the many people who have had anything to do with the creation of these songs, including my aunts, Wanda West Palmer and Mildred West Wiseman Packard, who have touched many lives already.

Most of all, I thank my Heavenly Father with all my heart. I am nothing without him. With the gifts he has given me I now present to you these songs. I hope that they will touch your hearts and bring you closer to Christ and that you will forever and ever want to “Come and Never Leave Him.”




Produced by Richard Talbot at Euphony Sound Studio, Gilbert, AZ.

Original arrangements by Randy Kartchner. Arrangements adapted by Richard Talbot.

All vocals recorded by Richard Talbot at Euphony Sound Studio.

Live choral and background arrangements by Richard Talbot, except “May I Serve Thee,” arranged by Randy Kartchner and Richard Talbot.

Live strings arranged and conducted by Randy Kartchner.

String orchestra recorded by Barry Gibbons at Platinum Sound & Mastering Labs Orchestral instruments adapted for use with Vienna Symphonic Library, programmed and recorded by Richard Talbot.

All other instrument/comp tracks performed by Randy Kartchner for Reality Factor Music, recorded/engineered by Mike Rosen.

All mixing and mastering by Barry Gibbons at Platinum Sound & Mastering Labs, with mixing assisted by Matt Cropper.

Acoustic Guitar: Rick Starr String


Violins: Meredith Campbell, Natalie Reed, Kathryn Collier, Beverly Hansen, Judd Sheranian, Stephanie Larsen, Kelly Parkinson, Bryan Hernandez-Luch

Violas: Leslie Harlow, Candace Wagner

Cellos: Ellen Bridger, Jim Hardy

Bass: Ben Henderson.

Photographer: Matt Wheeler, Still Life Studios

Family Photo: Candy, Easel Photography

Graphic Designer: Tony Amato, Amato Image Design, Tempe, AZ

Printing: Andy Baade, Tempe Tape and Disc, Tempe, AZ

Proofing: Mildred West Wiseman Packard

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